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On Generic, Annoying Emails

01.22.08 | Permalink | Comment?

Curious ChapWe all have our fair share of gripes about web usability. There are those fields for credit card numbers that do not allow spaces or dashes, making what you type hard to read and verify. And all because a lazy developer wouldn’t spend five minutes to take spaces and dashes out of a string. How hard could it be?

Today, the target of my ire is those confirmation emails that you receive after placing an order. Many of them include the password that you entered when creating an account. The password, I tell ya! Unbelievable. If a company is stupid enough to do that, it just makes me wonder if it understands the difference between hash function and hash browns. The password is not likely to be stored securely.

Stop those generic emails!Others emails are disgracefully generic. Here is one that I received recently after subscribing to a magazine:

If you used a credit card for your purchase, please be aware that your statement will show “(Guess Which Magazine)” for this purchase and a receipt will be generated once your subscription is processed.

If you selected “Bill Me” for your subscription, an invoice will be sent to you via email after your order has been processed.What’s up with those “if you did this” and “if you did that” statements? I have just trusted you, the vendor, with my credit card information. You know whether I used a credit card or not. Is it that hard to send me a slightly more personalized confirmation email?

The confirmation email above was sent by none other than Better Software magazine. How would you define “better”?

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