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On Roxio, or How NOT To Do Electronic Commerce

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Curious Chap

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e=”Curious Chap” />My wife had a VCR tape converted to DVD-R.

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The tape itself was converted from reel that was fil med

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back in 1964!

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She asked me to make copies of those precious 15 minutes of grainy video so that we can pass them out to family members. “Sure honey, no big deal”.
I had used Roxio’s Toast several years ago and liked it, so I went ahead and ordered Popcorn 3 directly from their site.

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The ordering process was smooth, but that’s where “smooth” ended. I expected to see a web page with download instructions, but instead was advised that I’ll be receiving an email.

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An hour later (an hour, I tell ya!), the email arrived.

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It contained a link to what looked like an FAQs page. Try as I may, I found no valid download link on that page.

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I went in circles for over 15 m

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inutes to no avail.

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Then I tried to “login” to my account.

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I never really created one, but why not try

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? After that failed, I requested that the password that

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I never provided be emailed to me.

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That turned out to be the same as the order number, but the original email never bothered saying so — and for good reason it turns out: that didn’t work either!

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Then I signed up for an account at Roxio’s site, hoping that the download link will magically reveal itself.

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I didn’t happen, not even after I entered the “CD key”, you know, the one that Roxio had just given me and is bl

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issfully unaware of it.

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The rub in all this is that I could have ordered Popcorn 3 from Amazon.com and saved $10. It would have had to wait a few days before the physical package arrived but saved myself a lot of aggravation.

After more than an hour of frustration and surfing their site, I ran into the toll free number for requesting refunds

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. It’s 1-800-656-5443 for those of you sufferers having trouble finding it.

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After an additional 29 minutes on hold, I got my refund.

Now I’m trying to decide if I should trust Roxio at all and order Popcorn 3 from Amazon.com or whether I should look into other DVD copying software.

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I’d appreciate your suggestions.

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