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How to Flatten the Apple Keyboard. Or Not?

12.05.07 | Permalink | 5 Comments

Curious Chap

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e=”Curious Chap” />After my earlier post where the ultra thin Apple Keyboard was taken apart (Apple model number MB110LL/A), Ben FrantzDale wrote to ask if the “bump” where the USB connectors are found can be removed.

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In other words, instead of this standard issue keyboard:

Apple Keyboard, standard issue

Ben would like:

Apple Keyboard, flattened

I have an idea on how to accomplish this, though it’ s non trivial.

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But first, here are more tear down photos.

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I’ll start by highlighting one of the two ribbon connectors that link the keyboard matrix with the printed circuit board, or PCB:

Apple Keyboard, the ribbon connector

See how the PCB is housed (click on photo for larger version):

Apple Keyboard, how the PCB is housed

The PCB sits right in that bump that Ben would like to remove.

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Further, it is held in place by four screws, shown circled in red. They span the entire width of the keyboard, so one would need to take apart the entire keyboard.

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Lots of bending metal is involved — no way to put th

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is thing back together.

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This next photo was taken for the sake of completeness.

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It shows the PCB unscrewed and removed from its housing:

Apple Keyboard, unscrewed PCB

To Flatten or Not to Flatten

That is the question.

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If it is possible to completely flatten the Apple Keyboard, the only way I can think of it is to use two keyboards: you get the PCB from the first one as illustrated in these photos, and you get the keys

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from the second one, and connect the two parts with the ribbon connectors.

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With the second one, you will need to grind the PCB housing part, but be very careful to leave the ribbon connectors completely untouched or else it’ s a complete lo

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I’m not sure that it’s worth it.

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If anyone attempts to do this, please let me know!

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