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Mind Your Language

10.27.07 | Permalink | 1 Comment

Curious Chap As mature adults know, language matters.

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? Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think so.

I bring this up because of today’s talk by Richard Seymour at the Intersections Conference.

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As reported by core77.com, Mr. Seymour urges that you “get the best design brains on the hardest problems–no more f***ing cruets for Italian luxury goods companies, get off your arse”, and that “if you’re not an optimistic futurist in design, f*** off and do things a lot less damaging”.

I’m not a professional designer — merely a chap trying to figure out how to design better products — so I had to look up who Richard Seymour is.

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One site describes him and Dick Powell as “Europe‚Äôs best-known product design duo”. Great, so there are exceptions to every rule.

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But I still think that you cannot think crude, talk crude, then design not-so-crude.

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Or if you can, then at the very least you are making things more difficult for yourself.

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Mr. Seymour aside, I have always wondered about the use of crude language by creative types such as painters, programmers, and architects.

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If a creative type person cannot come up with a non-crude expression, is he really creative? Or this is a warning flag that perhaps he is not happy in the current job or caree

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Just wondering aloud…

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